I have not written about herbs lately, even though they have become an important part of my practice. I have my core herbs that I use almost on a daily basis, but there are tons of them out there. So I am going to make this blog about an herb that I don't use often, maybe it will become a core herb for me in the future.

Chamaelirium luteum ~ False unicorn

This herb is a part of the lily family and is considered a reproductive tonic for both sexes. It is also a diuretic and considered a cerebrospinal trophorestorative. It is used in atonic conditions (uterine, bladder, vaginal) along with heavy bleeding in menstruating women with a history of miscarriages as a result of an inept cervix. However this herb cannot be used in pregnancy and it can cause gastric irritation.

The mental picture to consider when wanting to use this herb is heaviness in the pelvic region along with a feeling as though the organs may fall out. The part of the plant used is the root and it has a bitter taste to it.

This would be a fantastic herb to consider when making a tincture to support the reproductive organs. There is a lot more to this wonderful herb, but considering my focus on women's medicine and hormones I think this might be a new herb I start to use with my patients.

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