Life can safe, easy and predictable if we continue to just go on living in our comfort zone. We don't have to worry about learning new rules or seeing what amazing things we can do when we push past our comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with staying within the boundaries that we know, but there is a world out there that we forget about. Many experiences exist out there that are worth looking into. This does not mean you should put yourself in harm's way to get out of your comfort zone, it just means that you try pushing your boundaries and see what happens.

To be able to push those boundaries you have to know who you are and what it takes to put your out of that comfort zone (of course this is not an easy thing to just sit down one afternoon and hammer out, so take your time). There are many different comfort zones that we live within: life, work, family, country and self to name a few. I know for myself it is easier to be a shy person, to be an introvert, to play by the rules and to be cautious. I am not going to push the boundaries in all aspects of my life, but to be a doctor I cannot be a shy person, I have to make sure that my patients feel safe and understood. I also have to be cautious though, as people are putting trust in me to help them and that is not something to be taken lightly. You, as my patients, become family; you teach me, you challenge me and you even make me cry sometimes. This is an example of me, pushing past some of my boundaries in my everyday life.

But in my life, I could be pushing those boundaries just a little bit more than I do. I can learn to become more spontaneous, to lighten up a bit and to experience life in a different way. We all need to continue to learn and grow, even to challenge ourselves to live life to the fullest. But you just can't do that by resting in your comfort zone all of the time.

I'd like you to try and identify some of your comfort zones, just a few to start with. Push them, manipulate them. You'd be amazed at how different life slowly begins to change around you, and before you realize it, for the better!