I love trying new kitchen gadgets and appliances and I have another one that has quickly become a favorite along with the Vitamix and the crockpot. Yonanas is a way of making "soft serve ice cream" at home that is dairy free, vegan friendly and no sugar added!

Yonanas uses frozen fruits (mainly bananas as a base) to make the "ice cream". The first time I had yonanas "ice cream" it was made with just frozen bananas and frozen blue berries. The variety is as much frozen fruit as you can get your hands on and their website has many recipes that you can experiment with (things like pies too, which somewhat defeats the purpose of it, but I'm sure they taste good!). It seems like bananas are a good base, but we tried frozen mango too the other day with success as well.

Anyways, the "ice cream" tastes as great as the fruit you are putting in, so have fun! The cleanup is a quick few minutes as there are only 5 parts that need to be washed or thrown in the dishwasher.