Season's Greetings To All My Patients And Friends!

I hope you are all having a great holiday season, or at least trying to reduce the holiday stress as much as possible. I know how much visiting with friends and family can be as stressful at times as it is joyful. But the new year is almost here, and we're in the home stretch. We can work together to make new goals, revisit old ones, and find out why certain goals didn't work last year. Taking things one stress free step at a time. Just call me at (415) 912-9934 to schedule a free consultation, or just call to setup a follow-up. And now you can use my new contact form to send me an email directly. I would love to hear from you!

And speaking of new things, I'm excited to announce that my practice has a new website (as I'm sure you've noticed by now)! We have chosen the Christmas week as the launch to be able to iron out any problems we, and you, might find. And if you want to view this webpage on your phone or tablet computer you can do that much easier now as I now have a dedicated mobile website to match. I'm very excited! But that isn't the only new thing arriving this coming year.

Next month will be my new newsletter format, and in the coming year I will be adding a new blog style where I answer a few questions related to current Naturopathic related news items.

There is more good news coming too as later in 2014 I will begin to take credit cards as direct payment!

And finally, there are even more changes in store, but no less significant in nature. You'll have to follow my blog and newsletter to find out what they are. All I can say right now is that it'll be a big improvement in how I care for you and how we communicate. I can't wait!

So whether it's calling, emailing, or following my blog, keep in touch! I'm very positive about the new changes coming to my practice, and your care, in the coming year. Lets do it all together!