Let Dr. Larrow Help You Plan Out All Of Your 2014 Goals.

2014 is upon us! This is often an exciting time of the year as we take stock of the past year and plan for the coming year. Often in this planning we figure out what our health goals for the New Year are. When I often ask my patients about their health goals I hear, "I want to lose 10-30lbs", "I want to be able to run a marathon," or "I want to stay healthy and not get sick as often as I did last year."  These are all great goals, however many of us get lost in the big goal, and forget to set smaller goals for ourselves when it comes to health.  

My health goals for 2014 include doing my daily 10,000 steps, and by mid year to raise that number to 12,000.  Another goal is to drink my water as often I forget about it, and my body has stopped telling me to drink thus I plan on drinking half of my body weight in ounces of water per day. My husband and I are also removing the remaining plastic bottles (even the BPA free), and other plastics, from our home.  We had done a lot of this removal already, but here and there I would get a free BPA water bottle and it just stayed in circulation. The reason that I am removing these BPA free bottles is that often they are made with BPS which research has not been done on, nor is it really any different than BPA.

One of my latest health goals is to be kind to myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. We women are often so hard on ourselves. We often want to have the perfect looking body, the perfect house, be Betty homemaker, and the sassy go to person for both family and friends. In trying to do all of this we forget to live in the moment as well as the small things, and how important they are to the big picture. I am going to be more patient with myself, the time that I spend on myself, and with how I respond to things. I’m hoping to make these changes now so that the day that I’m on my death bed I will be able to remember the special moments in life, and not the chaos of trying to live the perfect life. The good stuff is in the messy parts of life, so get out there, be messy, and enjoy life to the fullest!

If there are health goals that you need help with, know that I am here to help. My passion is to help my patients live the lives that they want, and be able to do what they need to do. All while having the energy, the joy, and the balanced hormones to enjoy it all.

If you want help with your goals then call me at (415) 912-9934, or email me, to setup a free 15 consultation or follow-up today!