A video from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta shows how far back some of our health problems start.

The struggle with weight always seems to be a life time battle. And as the years go on, it gets harder and harder. Thus let’s not only help ourselves by making better choices, but also help our children by teaching, and showing, them a different way. This potent YouTube video from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta looks at life in reverse showing not only the choices that we can make for ourselves at times, but also the choices that we cannot. And as the video illustrates quite well, these choices can have a long lasting impact on our health. 
Habits quickly become patterns. Patterns are hard to change once they have become ingrained into who we are. Take a few moments today after you watch the video to see what small changes you can make that will change not only your future, but also your family’s. I often talk with my patients about making exercise a family time so that their children understand and learn the importance of it. We can do the same when it comes to food. We just need to be aware of what we are eating.