So What Is It You Aren't Doing That You Need To Do To Prepare For The Coming Week?

I have started a guilty little pleasure on Sundays, and I love it. It is something that I do for myself while not feeling the least bit guilty about doing it. It will range from 30 minutes to 2 hours just depending on the week. It is just a great way to start the week off by taking care of myself. What is this guilty little pleasure?

It’s a nap!

We, as humans, seem to go-go-go too much. Women especially will put themselves last on the list of people to take care of. Then we wonder why we don’t have the energy to take care of everything. The human body needs down time. It needs time to repair, to rest, and to just be. However, in the rat-race of life we don’t give our bodies that time as we just keep pushing.

We push past the headaches, the fatigue, and for a brief time look past the weight gain, that disgusting feeling, and just keep hoping that the body will continue to function. Well it can, and will, for a while that is, but it also needs that oh-so-important down time.

Find your healthy guilty little pleasure. Something that you do weekly to take care of yourself, and just do it! Your guilty pleasure maybe hiking, napping, taking pictures, playing in your garden, spending alone time in the house, it maybe watching a movie, crafting, etc. Whatever it might be, make sure you do it weekly. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for the love, the time away from the rat-race, and the rejuvenation that will be felt throughout the week.

I know for some of you it will feel like something that you have to force, and that you have to schedule it in. Well, do that in the beginning, and watch, over time, how your body changes with this needed down time. If you want to share your guilty little pleasure then please leave it in the comments below. Have a great weekend! (hopefully napping)