Watch this great video by Dr. Mike Evans about the PSA test.

PSA, or prostate specific antigen, testing is not so black and white. There are many factors to consider before testing is done. We need to understand what we are going to do based on the results that return as well as understand the science behind the testing, and influencing factors. The one thing that has always stuck in my head when it comes to the PSA is that if you do the digital rectal exam (DRE) before you do the testing you can have higher levels just because you palpated the prostate. So how many men are getting their PSA levels tested after sex, or a DRE?

Often when it comes to prostate cancer we play the active surveillance, and watchful, waiting game as most men with prostate cancer will die of something else.  Dr. Mike Evans is at it again with another great informative video on the PSA test. Please check it out, and share it with all the men in your lives, so they can have an informed conversation with their doctors.