Start the weight loss program now, not 20 lbs from now...

The average American puts on 10-20lbs from the end of October to the start of January, and often one of our New Year goals is to lose weight. How about rather than putting on the weight this year that we, instead, start our New Year weight loss goal now. Here are some tips to help you as we go into the holiday season.

  • Make better choices for your Halloween candy. I know as I sit there handing out the candy I also eat my years supply of peanut M&Ms. Try handing out pencils or bouncy balls as there are a lot of kids with food allergies. Or, you could hand out glowsticks (do your homework on these though).
  • Any candy your kids get at Halloween try letting them keep a few, but then look around for a buy back program. Often times dental offices will buy the candy by the pound and give the kids money.
  • Start moving now, and don’t wait until January to start exercising. Join the gym now and get in the habit of exercising.
  • Before going to parties, eat. This way you will not be hungry and snacking on everything. Little plates of food here or there add up to several big plates, but we often don’t see it that way. 
  • Drink water, drink water, and drink more water. To save yourself some calories, at a party drink water rather than an alcoholic drink. Or at least for every alcoholic drink you have then have two glasses of water. This will also help prevent a rough night of sleeping. 
  • At Thanksgiving, start the day with a local turkey-trot, or at least as a family go out for a walk (before and after). Thanksgiving should not be just about the food, no, but also being thankful for our health and family. Thus do something together rather than just spending the entire day eating. 
  • Write down what you eat to help keep yourself accountable. I know we all want to enjoy the holidays, and we can, but we cannot enjoy them everyday from Halloween until early January.
  • Get rest. When we are rested we are better able to say no to certain foods. We will not be looking for quick energy sources such as candy and baked goods.
  • Skip the cookie plate at work, and instead bring in a fruit and/or veggie tray. Fruits are sweet enough, and veggies and hummus is a great way to show your co-workers that you care about them. 
  • Live, Love, and be Merry. But also take some time to be alone with yourself so you can regroup and take care of your needs. 

As we go into the busy holiday season enjoy each day and take time to remember the meaning behind the holidays we celebrate. 

Image Credit: Evan-Amos (Wikipedia) (Public Domain)