There are several things you can do to promote good cholesterol and reduce unwanted cholesterol.

Cholesterol is an important molecule for the body. However, too much cholesterol and/or the bad types of fats can be harmful putting you at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol is also the backbone of the sex hormones, as well as cortisol, which is why knowing my patients cholesterol is important when I am trying to balance their hormones. Too low of levels can affect how a patient is doing hormonally. There are, of course, many more functions that cholesterol plays in the system. If you’d like to talk more about this then please get in touch with me at 1-415-912-9934, email to, or if you’re new to my practice then you can also use the website form.

Here are some ways to avoid bad and/or saturated fats while keeping good control on your cholesterol level:

  • Instead of frying try steaming, boiling, or baking veggies. If you are going to stir fry then please know the smoke point of the oil you’re using. Appropriate oils like avocado or coconut are better for this.
  • Keep the creamed sauces to a minimum as they are full of fats due to their butter and cheese content/levels.
  • Choose lean cuts of meat that have ideally be grass fed or “grass finished.” Buy organic eggs and meat.
  • Remove the fatty skin from poultry.
  • Cook meats in a way so that the fat will drain off.
  • And avoid processed foods as they will often use partially hydrogenated oils.

Here are some other things you can do on a daily basis to support good levels of cholesterol in the form of “The 3 F’s:”

  • Fitness - 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise will help to support your level of HDLs, the good cholesterol.
  • Fiber - This helps by binding to unwanted cholesterol therefore helping to remove it from the system. 
  • Fish oils - These help to raise HDLs, while keeping LDLs low.

When it comes to cholesterol it is best to know your numbers so that your levels can be properly maintained. If you have not had your cholesterol levels checked recently then I recommend that you talk with your doctor and get them checked.   
Image Credit: Oddman47 (Wikipedia) (CC1.0 Public Domain)