With the recent cool down in temperatures, though it is still warm, I have been spending more time outside. Being outside gives me the chance to naturally produce some vitamin D, but I also need to protect my skin from the harmful UV rays. Thus every year I check out the Environmental Working Groups Guide to Sunscreens before I go sunscreen shopping. Their page is full of not only the sunscreens that pass their regulations for safety, but also information on sun safety tips.

In past years the EWG has listed their top ten sunscreens while this year they are highlighting all of the sunscreens that pass their health safety regulations. They break them down into the best beach and sports sunscreens, moisturizers with SPF, lip balms with SPF, and make up with SPF. Remember as you look though what you currently have in your house that these products do have a shelf life; look at their expiration dates before you start using them again. EWG also describes the eight types of sunscreen products and ingredients to avoid, and why.

Make sure that when you are outside you are protecting the biggest organ of your body: your skin. Please pass this information on to family and friends so that we can all safely enjoy our time outside!