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Happy New Year, and Welcome to 2019

Happy New Year, and Welcome to 2019

How I’ll try to maintain my new year goals…

...but unfortunately by mid-February most of our resolutions have fallen to the wayside. The practice of reflecting on the past and the future would actually be wise to do on the first of every month...

Holiday Foods And EWG's Dirty Dozen List

Holiday Foods And EWG's Dirty Dozen List

The EWG’s Dirty Dozen list is a great help for holiday food shopping.

…this list is my goto reminder of what foods should be bought organic as well as what foods are ok to do as conventional…

End Of Year Is Also A New Year

End Of Year Is Also A New Year

New year goals can help us focus on letting go of last years problems.

...I encourage you to spend a bit of the holidays planning out your goals for 2017. These goals should include health, travel, personal and professional goals as well as goals to make memories by...

UPDATE: Basic Changes To Patient Privacy Policy

There Are Some New Changes, Though Small, To The Practice's Privacy Policy.

As of February 5th, 2014, Dr. Larrow's practice has added some new basic information regarding Electronic Health Records (EHR) to the practice's privacy policy.

Turning It All Off

Disconnect Yourself From Distractions, And Reconnect With What's Around You.

This challenge is to turn everything that has an on/off button off, and disconnect yourself... I think that since the boom of social media, I feel less connected with the people in my life.

Your 2014 Goals!

Let Dr. Larrow Help You Plan Out All Of Your 2014 Goals.

2014 is upon us! This is often an exciting time of the year as we take stock of the past year and plan for the coming year...