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Teenagers And Sleep

Teenagers And Sleep

A new study sheds light on what is keeping teenagers up at night.

...Keyes and her team have noticed that sleep patterns have not gotten any better, but they also have not gotten any worse with the rise in technology use...

Put On That Sunscreen...

Put On That Sunscreen...

Sunscreen time, however they're not all the same. Read on.

...As with all cosmetics, sunscreens do have expiration dates. Please check to make sure that your sunscreen is still good from last year before you just start applying it. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and it breaths in, communicates with, and absorbs whatever we put on it...

Turning It All Off

Disconnect Yourself From Distractions, And Reconnect With What's Around You.

This challenge is to turn everything that has an on/off button off, and disconnect yourself... I think that since the boom of social media, I feel less connected with the people in my life.

Grilled Squash Sandwiches

One of my favorite meals my husband makes every once in a while is Grilled Squash Sandwiches.

Molds - Indoor And Outdoor

I know it is summer time and most of us are not thinking about mold, as it is warm and dry.

Sunscreens, The 10 Best

The fourth of July has come and gone and for me it means summer has officially started.


What makes you happy? What can make you smile no matter what else is going on in life? Happiness for me can be found in playing in the dirt.