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Why Wearing Cotton Matters

Why Wearing Cotton Matters

The clothing you wear does matter.

...Most of my clothes are cotton, sure, but I cannot find everything I need in full cotton, or even mostly all cotton. I have had to adjust my standards as a result...

The Chemical That Will Not Go Away

The Chemical That Will Not Go Away

Even if you stop using Teflon frying pans, or similar coated products, this chemical will not be going away, or out of your system, any time soon.

...How are we all exposed to this chemical? Part of it has to do with waste disposable of the chemical. For years DuPont was putting the waste into barrels then dumping the barrels into the oceans...


Solutions To Overlooked Problems

The Story Of Stuff Releases Their "Solutions" Story

I have always enjoyed the videos put out by The Story of Stuff Project. They encourage me to look at the stuff that I have, and think about what I need while evaluating the impact that these things will have on the world around me...

Turning It All Off

Disconnect Yourself From Distractions, And Reconnect With What's Around You.

This challenge is to turn everything that has an on/off button off, and disconnect yourself... I think that since the boom of social media, I feel less connected with the people in my life.

What Is "Food?"

What is food? For each one of us food has a different meaning based on our interaction with food as children.

Prop 65 And Supplements

The State of California is required, through Prop 65, to publish and maintain a list of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Guide To Sunscreen - 2013

With the recent cool down in temperatures, though it is still warm, I have been spending more time outside.

The Story Of Electronics

Designed for the dump, needs to become designed to last. Prior to the technology that we have today, there were items that were passed down from generation to generation.

Letting Go

Sometimes the biggest challenge to ideal health is letting go. The Yogi, the Buddhist, and all the self-help books tell us we need to live in the present, to be grateful for this moment.